6 Benefits of Social Media Contest in Digital Marketing

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There are more and more brands that add to the car of contests and promotions on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. But do you know why they decide to create a competition on social networks?

The answer is very simple. Brands find in social networks large communities of followers related to their product or service.

They find it much easier to reach them through promotional actions from these platforms than using social media marketing tactics through traditional channels.

For these promotions to be successful, and above all to be useful for brands, many factors will be decisive factors that will make the competition in social networks work.

The originality and creativity of the graphics, the simplicity in the mechanics and execution of the promotion, the investment thought for its diffusion or even a striking prize are some of these factors.

Brand Awareness

The primary objective when creating a promotion or contest in social networks is that the brand has higher visibility and is known by a more significant number of users.

Attracting New Users

As in the previous point, creating a contest in social media advertising is a simple method to gather information about our community of fans.

Data such as name, email and other data that may be of interest to your brand, always with the consent of the user, will help you create a database, which you can use later to perform other types of marketing strategies more personal.

In this type of Facebook contest, all the parties win, the user can win a juicy prize in exchange for transferring his data to the company.


Surely you have seen a multitude of promotions of this type by different social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.Giving coupons or discount codes on a temporary basis is one of the most common actions to achieve customer loyalty.

With this, a much closer and lasting relationship between the user and the brand is generated.It is here that the recommendations and opinions of the users that are most faithful to our brand arise. So it is essential that the generated image of the brand or product is positive.

Increase the number of followers in social networks

The promotions social networks bring with them two great advantages:

  1. Fans receive all the news and news that the brand publishes on their social networks, being aware of everything. Being able to share the content with the rest of his friends.

2. The number of followers acts as a measure of the popularity of the brand. The higher the number of followers, the better known is a brand in social networks.

Promote new products or services

Running a twitter contest to launch a new range of products is the most recurring action between brands. Being the first to own a product or to be able to enjoy a service that is not yet for sale is the perfect hook for this type of promotions to become viral.

Know the opinions of the users

As we have commented throughout the previous 5 points on why to create competition in social networks, the promotions in addition to being used for the capture of users or the collection of data for later promotions, are also used in many cases to know their opinions about the brand.

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