How Google Shopping Ads are Different from Search Ads?

Google Shopping Ads (formerly known as Google Product Listing Ads) and Google Search Ads (formerly known as Google Ads) are both very effective ways to increase your traffic and improve the conversion on your site. Both of these methods are excellent if you are looking to get instant traffic but clients are often confused about the difference between Google Shopping Ads and Google Search Ads.

Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads allows you to place your products on the top of Google search engine results when a search query for the product or product group is made. With Google Shopping Ads, you don’t need to bid on any keywords or add text rather you just need to set your product, product group or category details and moderate your daily budget.

The website owners can set the desired cost per click and their product will be placed on top of the results with an image, cost, and name of the website. These are usually used by eCommerce website that has a large product volume.

Google Search Ads

In the case of Google Search Ads, the owners of the website can bid on specific keywords that are most relevant to their business or specific product. In this case, the website link will be shown on top of the Google search engine results with an “AD” tag at the beginning.

With Google Search Ads, you will get more control over advertising as you can use text more efficiently for branding and sales information.

Google Shopping Ads or Google Search Ads?

So, now you must be wondering, which one should you use with your PPC campaigns?

The answer completely depends upon your situation.

If your business has a large volume of products then you should go with Google Shopping Ads as they provide a much higher click-through rate. On the other hand, if you are looking for branding and advertising then you can go for Google Search Ads.

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