How To Sell Your Product On AMAZON And FLIPKART?

Want a change from that 9 to 6 job of yours? Want to earn an extra dime? Or, looking out to start your own business in your extra or free time, from home, with a small investment? Becoming a digital retailer could become your optimum option. But, then introduction into an already huge market and setting up one’s name and brand is another issue. You could thus, conjoin your products into the ever-expanding product base of large digital retail platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. Next question is, How to sell your product on Amazon, Flipkart?

Be it any product, apparels, shoes, accessories, computer hardware, software, etc. they have options, a customer base, with their globally famous Flipkart and Amazon marketing strategy for one and all.


If you have been searching ‘how to become an Amazon seller’ or how we sell our products on Flipkart, the process is quiet simple:

  • First, you need to register yourself as a company and acquire a GSTIN number.
  • Go on the page of sellers on these websites and register yourself. Remember, you need to register separately for each of these websites.
  • You need to login the required paperwork. The general requirements in this regard include the GST/TIN number, a valid Pan-Card, Bank Account details and related Know Your Customer (KYC) documents.
  • Once registered, set up your business type and products in your company profile.
  • You are also required to sell a minimum number of unique products. For Example: Flipkart specifies each seller to sell a minimum of five unique products.
  • You may also need photo-shoots. In case of generic products like a simple USB, etc, pictures may be mapped from related products. But, in case of unique products like apparels, accessories, shoes, etc., separate photo-shoots (shot yourself or by a third –party professional) are required for optimum sell. These websites also generally offer services of professionals they endorse for these kinds of photo-shoots, who tend to do a good job.
  • A good product description with details also helps customers make choices in the favor of your products.

And, you are done. Your profile is created, products gone online. You have resolved the issue of how to sell an Amazon, and other marketing platforms. You are now just required to maintain your inventory. The website aggregators shall take care of the rest. Once an order is received, you could get it packed and mention it to the website as ‘ready to dispatch’. They shall pick up the products and send them further. Your final payments shall directly reach your bank accounts in a period of 7–14 days. They are also now providing special delivery and inventory options like the Amazon prime for preferential treatment of products as well as clients. You could opt for them as well or look for ways on how to increase online sales.

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